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How it Works

        The website seal is not required as a member but is extremely helpful to both you and your website visitors. The seal allows you to instantly build trust with your visitors, which almost always results in a huge opt-in rate increase.
        A simple, copy & paste code is provided to members to make this as simple as possible.
        S: Subject Line & Content – Your subject line should match the email content. For instance, no “Obama grows a third leg…” if your email is about snowboarding just to trick people into opening it. Also, make sure the content matches the topics that your subscribers signed up to be informed about.
        P: Privacy – Privacy means keeping your subscribers information private. In other words, don’t share or sell your list with anyone else. Pretty simple.
        A: Address – You must have an address (either physical or a PO Box) at the bottom of every one of your emails. This is also part of the 2003 CAN SPAM laws.
        M: Manage Your List. – At the bottom of every email you must also have instructions on how a subscriber can remove themselves from your list, either automatically with a link, or manually by doing something like replying with the word “unsubscribe” in the subject line. Then, when people request to be removed, make sure you do so.
        Although our definition of spam is simple and easy-to-follow, we realize that it make take some getting used to. Every time a violation report is received we work with you to first verify it is legitimate and then correct it so it doesn’t necessarily have to go on your record
        We also believe in violation forgiveness, so confirmed violations that members refuse to correct will only remain on your profile page for 6 months.

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